Department of Health, July 2014
Can I just say  a very big thank you to you all.  Not only for your herculean efforts to get this database up and running in such a short time, but also your responsiveness in the last 2 weeks as things really amped up in terms of changes!!! You remained calm and steady under fire and it is a great credit to you. We now have a very very useful tool in place that is already starting to attract positive feedback, and its only day 1!!!

Once again thank you all and I look forward to working with in future as we iron out our data and start to consider some really clever ways to leverage of this new procurement tool.

Department of Health, June 2014
Just a quick note to acknowledge IDA's significant contribution towards development and revision of WTP non-functional framework specifications. We, in particular, ... the project manager of Design & Build phase of the program, are immensely grateful to IDA's dedication to the task-in-hand.

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